Why did she do this?

I broke up with an ex about 2 years ago. Once in a while we talk, just saying hi and hows school going. Then we won't talk for a month. Then she calls me and says we are hanging out tonight. She never asked me to hang and invited her self over throu my brother. So she comes over with beer and stuff and we all hangout and nothing really happened

I don't know what to think about this? Does she still think we have something ? Or just give me your opinion.

Thanks so much


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  • If she is not coming on to you when you are hanging out, she is probably aware that there is nothing there but would like for something to happen. Sounds like she is interested and is trying to get back into a relationship in the most subtle way.

    Or, she may just be lonely and looking for someone to give her the same love that she was getting 2 years ago but is hesitating to ask you for anything because she may just be feeling lonely in phases.

    Yeah, "not sure' either.

    Talk to the girl and ask her.


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  • maybe she's trying to keep a friendship between the 2 of you. She already lost you as a boyfriend, and if she thinks you're a good person, then why not be friends instead? If she wants something more than friendship, you're bound to know right away. But so far it looks like she's just wanting to hangout with a bud.


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  • Hi,

    I think its a very normal thing as she is still not up with the feeling that she has broken up with u. So she is trying to come half way and I think you should also go half way towards her.