Guys around 21: What age girls are you most interested in?

I'm 21 and I used to really be interested in older girls, however recently I've been most interested in 18-19 year olds, mostly girls right out of high school. I think this is because I feel kind of inexperienced with girls as I have only ever dated or done anything with one girl in my life. Is this normal? For the guys around my age: what age girls are you most interested in?


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  • I'd say its not so much of an age issue. And I UNattracted however, to any girl that looks like she's still in high school (or completely acts like it. Avoid the jail bait. I find myself attracted to the few girls that have that charm about them, in which they are very feminine, but also strong enough to have a back bone to where they don't accept everything thrown at them. Being in the south (N.C.) we have that... "Southern Belle" Charm, where she can be very hospitable and loving... yet make your life miserable if you don't treat her right. This is a woman with confidence and self-worth.

    The girl I'm attracted atm just happens to be a year older than me, though I grew up thinking I'd have to be the older one in the relationship. Just stating for stating purposes.


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  • I'm 20, 21 in April. Age isn't really a big concern for me, it's more the age they act. But with that said most of the girls I am attracted to are between 19 and 22. Mostly the same age as me but that's more because I see more of them than any other group.

  • For me, I like a whole range of ages. *Legally*, I could date a 16 year old since 21/16 is the legal limit here. But I don't have the slightest interest in a 16 or 17 year old. I would say that 18 is the youngest I'd go but even that seems a little too "fresh out of high school". I'd like someone 19-21.

    But I also like older women too. I'll be walking around the grocery store doing my shopping and I'll catch the eye of some attractive woman in there and genuinely find her appealing. But other than those middle aged women lol, I could still go for someone in their mid or even late 20's.