Is he into me and how do I get to know him?

SO new years just past and I went to a party with my cousin we were suppose to spend the night . .. my cousin Michelle knew everyone there they were all old close friends, I on the other hand knew no one.. anyways things started when my cousin introduced me to this kid we will say Joe, the nights events went like this...Joe came up behind me and my cousin when we were hugging an hugged us both I turned an said "i am short an can't see who this is" he goes " your not short your fun sized"..night went on we talked more an more.. at one point he was talking to me an put his face really close to mine as I went to turn away he quickly stoke a kiss.. then we sat together as the night died.. well it was about 6am an people were starting to go to bed an he asked if I wanted to come sleep in his bed instead of on the recliner.. needless to say we ended up REALLY sleeping together.. the next day I went home an started texting me asking me random questions like whens my b day an stuff.. I told him what had happen was new to em I never do the one night stand thing an he said "we can pretend it didn't happen" then went on asking where i work an stuff like that... he text me today just saying hi but I think he is really cute an am really attracted to him but is he into me and how do I get to know him? I want him to ask me on a real date an get to know him but am worried I will get my hopes up like I always do an get let down again... any advice would be really helpful.. an I don't know if it makes a difference but I am a 21 year old full time worker an college student. Joe lives about 25mins through me an for now we only communicate through text.


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  • Well,even though you guys slept together,it sounds as though he is still trying to get to know you. He's not disregarding you so you can return what he's doing.Try and get to know him too. Try and go out on a date. Everyone gets their hopes up when they like someone.Theres no way of saying whether or not you will get hurt. All you can do is try and see where things go.Call him or text him etc...see what happens.Be careful about the one night stands though if you're looking for "more" from a guy.Some guys may think if they got it that easy,then they may get more in the future BUT may not necessarily want you as a girlfriend.GOOD LUCK! Faith*

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