Would you date a girl that has a kid?

I am 19 and I have a 3 month old daughter, my question is would it bother you?

also, the father is not involved so I am the sole caretaker (if that makes a difference)


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  • yeah I find it insulting when single mothers try to get with me. I'm young and attractive I don't have to settle. unless she's filthy rich and super hot then I'm just not going to date a single mother it really is insulting

    • Insulting is a very interesting way to look at it. I understand the lack of desire to "settle down" and such, but I would consider it more "flattering" that a girl would find you fitting enough to date & be involved in her childs life. I think it would be a compliment.

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  • Well the thing is..at this poitn oin my life I'm not ready to be a father..but down the road I'd defintely consider it..I would worry about the child beign able to see me as a father though. I'm only 20 rite now and work at a grocert store while going to school so...I would DATE a girl with a child..and wouldn't midn spednign time with the child...but I wouldn't want to get involved til later down the road.

  • Not sure about most guys but I dated a girl who has 2 kids, I was into it at first and didn't really mind, afterward I started getting kind of sick of it.

  • I don't like kids. Sorry. But some men would, don't worry, never lose faith.


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