The colleague I kissed is keeping me guessing, why hasn't he been in touch?

So I ended up in a clinch with a colleague after our Christmas party, he came back to my place and there was kissing, I put the brakes on after that but suggested we could perhaps go out sometime and he left with a wink. Saw him back at work and we had a couple of chats that ended up in him suggesting I get in touch with him and we could go out for a drink. I texted him a few days later and we set a date, which he then canceled at the last minute but asked if we could reschedule the following week. I texted back he should let me know when he would be free, still 4 days later and I have heard nothing. Our paths have not crossed at work since but will do again soon enough. What to to?!

Well, 2 min after I wrote this I had a message from him saying he was training for a sport event he'd mentioned earlier & couldn't go out this week, but it wasn't at all something personal. I guess he's changed his mind and trying to get off the hook?


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  • The problem (for him) was when you put the breaks on.

    I'd say lucky you, cause then we'd probably be reading a "I feel used" question instead. I'd say move on pass him, it doesn't seem like y'all got serious let alone not much serious things happen.

    • Now that IS a good way of looking at it! Thanks :)

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  • He's a loser, doesn't know what he wants. Show him that you weren't that desperate for him anyway and don't contact him anymore. He has your number, knows your interested and he can choose to talk 2 you or miss out on getting to know you more.

    • Thanks for your answer, I just wrote back no worries, busy here too - because he IS a colleague and I have to face him back at work. But that'll be it! Indeed he did not seem to know what he wanted, not even for what could've been a fun fling! Bizzare but there you go.

  • Why do guys do that! ..everything goes great, they seem interested, connection happens and then they disappear! Give it time, but don't get your hopes up and definitely let him come to you. He knows your interested now so its up to him to talk to u. In the meantime keep your options open and date other guys if the opportunity comes along! Good lukk :)

    • Yes I agree no idea why guys can't stay interested for more than 5 minutes, well my options are definitely staying open! For someone that DOES know what he wants! Thx for your suggestions :)

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