How can I get guys to like the REAL me first? Guys PLEASE!

Okay, so I'm a very attractive girl. I have a gorgeous face and body. The problem is that I've dated a lot of guys that want to be with me for just that reason. How can I get a guy to fall in love with ME and not lust over my body? :(


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  • Stop wearing revealing/tight clothes and go very natural with the make up. Stop meeting guys at bars... guys go their for booty not girlfriends.

    • Hmm okay, I will try to not wear tight clothing (that's most of what I own!). I usually do because I'm thin, so I like wearing tight fitting clothes. Tight fitting clothing just feels better. ha ha As for the makeup...I don't wear any. I don't even go to bars. lol Thx for the advice!

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  • Looks first, personality second. Lust is essential and a foundation for more.


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