Is he a jerk or I'm I exaggerating ?

Well OK I always call boyfriend or he calls me now we do FaceTime I called him in morning at 9 30 I believe ... We talked for like twenty minutes he said I'll FaceTime you later so we said love you and all it's his day off... So o usually call him thruway the day or he does o called him like at 12:10 mid day too say hi on FaceTime he was laying in bed and said hey but said he was really tired I wad like o know OK this is the part that hurt me he said if you know that then why you keep calling me? So I just hang up no love you no thing he didn't care...he lives like two hours away .. He is always tired always sleeping ... We been together for a year and almost two months but he I don't know what too do


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  • he's not a jerk. he's just tired

    • He ended up calling too apologize :-)