Where to go on a first date?

movies or movie at my house? I have a theater at my house so I would rather watch a movie here.

have already hung out before just not a date


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  • Treat her to a movie theater experience. If it's a date, nonetheless a first one, a date at home is way too casual. It either says that you are cheap or that you aren't willing to try hard. A first date leaves a strong impression, so make it a date to remember. Also, ask and see if she even wants to see a movie, maybe she doesn't like movies and/or maybe she would rather do something else on a first date. Given that people generally can't talk when they watch movies, it isn't the best activity to choose if you want to connect and get to know her better.


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  • going out is better...you might come off like a creepo if you offer movies at your house, but then again you are under 18 so you might get away with that. Girls under 18 don't really expect to get wined and dined like women do. You could go out once or twice then offer movies at your house, then make your move. Just remember to always use protection!

    • not planning to have it go by quick want to make it last so more than 3 dates for sure before going very far

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    • just stop texting she'll come around eventually. Next time she talks to you, ask her when she's free next to hang out. She'll probably say something like sat...then tell her you had plans that day and work out another day. That way you don't seem so eager. Girls hate guys at there beckon call. You have to have that I don't care attitude and she'll stick like glue. Sad but true. Take notes, because I just put you up on some game.

    • thanks sucks having to play this game

  • I think its better to go out to the movies...its a neutral place for both of you... having a first date at your house might make it more awkward. hope that helps!


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  • More chance for action at a private place.

    • be sure to share the same couch

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