Why do I always get in the friendzone?

Hello, you can guess from the title that I am a guy who is always getting into the friend zone, it usually happens when I ask a girl out for date, she says that : "You are a funny, likeable guy but we should remain friends" then you guess we remain friends maybe, or I just slowly stop texting her.
However the last attempt I made to ask a girl out not even mentioned date, sounded like this : "would you like get some drinks on X night?", I got a long answer : "Look, you're a nice, likable guy but I already have plans with my boyfriend, sry it took me that long to respond but I didn't wanted to hurt you in any way". I don't know if I should stick around this girl like friends or no, but the bigger problem is that I don't know what I do to always get into the friend zone.
Why do I always get in the friendzone?
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