Why don't he return my texts?

OK I have a crush on my co worker and I think he has a crush on me too. We flirted and almost kiss one night... fast forward to today he is seeing another girl but not exclusive yet. Anyway I'm not mad or jealous at all but what I don't understand is why he never answer my friendly texts. Like I sent him a birthday text and I get no reply but one of the girl at work sent him same text and she got a reply back so fast. I'm confuse by his action because I want to be friend w him and most of my texts are just friendly like for a friend. Why does he acts like this?


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  • If he isn't txting you back is because he dosn't really want to talk to you. They're like us. We think guys are complicated but they're like us. Because we are complicated as well. My personal experiance when someone texts me and I don't text back is because I sincerley don't want to talk to them what so ever. Just let it go and let him text you. Because it looks bad on a female makes us look desperate. Us as women need to know how to give us our place. And keep it old school even though these times it isn't like that anymore. Just let it be. And if he wants to text you he will. Don't keep pushing it and bugging him if he won't reply. Hope it helped

    • I guess so I mean is not like I'm not trying to date the guy. I just want to be friend w the guy but since he doesn't want to then I'll leave him alone.

    • yeah its better off because it will only make you look bad.

  • Similar things happen to me often. Whenever my guy friends get into a serious relationship apparently they stop talking to me, or the frequency drops significantly, even if it's just strictly friends-talk. It sort of hurts, because I feel like I lost a friend, but I just let them go these days. I call it as being Angelina Jolie-ed...you know, guys (and their gfs) are scared you might steal the dude when you have no intention to do so...

    • I'm sorry to hear about your guy friends. So not nice of them to do that to you and when they have no one they think if you. I'll text him when I have work related questions and he usually answer fast but now it would take him forever and he's the one who told me to text/ call him whenever. I wonder who feel threaten the guys or the girl.