Why didn't she call me back?

Here it goes. I met this girl and we finally talked on the phone. The conversation was going really well. We talked for about 30 minutes. Then out of the blue she was like I have to take this call and she said she would call me right back. It's been like 4 hours and I haven't even got a text back yet. She said she was going to come over to my place tomorrow to watch some games. I have had some bad luck with females recently so of course I'm starting to get nervous. Why do you think she didn't call back. Is this her way of saying she is not interested. I thought our conversation was going real well. Hope you guys can help me out and put my mind at ease.


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  • who knows? maybe she wasn't interested or maybe she forgot or something bad happened on the phone. why not send her a text like "so we still on for games tomorow?" or something. if she doesn't respond, you'll have your answer.

    • It's funny you say that I sent her a text and didn't get a response. My gut tells me she is not interested. The only other thing it could be is her phone died. Why would she agree to come over and then decide she is not interested?

    • some people will just say they don't want to do something or make up some excuse not to do it. but some people agree to something and then just disappear. I don't know why. they just say yes so you don't feel bad but then they don't have courage later to say they don't want to actually do something. so they just avoid it hoping you get the hint.

    • Very true. This just happens to me to often. It really sucks. I would rather them just tell me they are not interested than to just ignore me. Why does this happen? I don't understand.

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