What do girls think of braces?

I'm 19 years old and I am a full time student at University. I want to know what the women in my classes or whatever will think when they talk to me and I have braces. I don't have them yet but I'm thinking about getting them. Is it unattractive or do women not really care? How will it effect my life? More specifically my life with girls? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


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  • this is just my opinion.. wen I see a guy with braces, I always wonder if food gets stuck there and I feel grossed out... and I don't really find it attractive..

    but I do have many girlfriends who are dating guys with braces ryt now.. so don't worry too much it probably won't affect your life with girls... your personality is the one that judges your life with girls..

    and your 19? why are you only getting them now?... just wondering..

    • My wisdom teeth are coming in strong and messing up my other teeth so I have to get them. How old are you? Also, would it effect my chances of sparking up a conversation with a girl so she could get to know me or would she be uninterested as soon as she saw my braces?...

    • i'm 17 ;p

      i wouldn't think that it'd mess up your convos with a girl and I don't think they'd be uninterested.

      yeah I don't find braces attractive, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't date you or talk to u.. I would get over the fact that you have braces if you just keep the convo cool and confident. some girls don't even notice braces. so really, you don't have to worry much about it. wen your talking to a girl don't even think about your braces. just think of what u'll say.. ;P

    • Alright thanks :) That helps a lot. I'm a confident person so in a week when I get my braces I'll be trying out my opening skills ha ha =)

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