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Is this guy a douchebag?

I knew this guy for like a year. From the beginning I was very into him. We hooked up and messed around a lot. Went out on a bunch of dates etc. i told him I liked him to his face several times too and hell just say he likes me too but never asked me out.

So we ended up not talking for a month. Were just friends right now, (dont wanna get into it) Last week at a party on our college campus i drank a little too much. He was drunk too but he told my roommate that hell drive my car back to me and my roommates place. I told him no and that I can drive in like 20 min.

He goes “youre out of your fuckin mind” then he told he goes “youre fucking drunk” i could tell he was on something too, cocaine I think. I kept declining his requests, then eventually he just said ok and left all mad.

He then texted me, “i just wanted to make sure u got home safe thats all, you were acting like a bitch. That was a little weird.”
Is this guy a douchebag?
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