When should I go for the kiss?

I've been hanging out with this girl that I like, and I am wondering when I should make a move and how. We have been watching a couple of movies together and are having a really good time. The conversation is going pretty good. However the last two times, we have been hanging out at my place and a friend of mine showed up. (He is not interested in her) So I'm wondering when and how I should make a move for the kiss. or some cuddling. We been sitting in this couch and I've noticed that she has begun to get closer. I've kinda been hoping for her to make a move as well. And a lot of the people I've been talking to that knows her says that she likes me. The last time I followed her home using the dog as a reason to follow her home. When we came to her house I gave her a hug and she responded.

So we've been planning to watch some One Three hill together XD A date is not set but when I asked she wanted it to be soon. I'm kinda new to all of this had one girlfriend before. So I'd really appreciate some help from you guys! :)


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  • Well don't wait for her to make the move, but in some way or another she'll let you know, whether verbally or by her actions, that she trusts you. When you feel like she trusts you, then just find a romantic moment, whether in the movie or in mid-conversation, or even go the old fashion chivalry and ask if she'll delight you with a simple kiss and go for it. No one can really tell you when, you'll just know. It'll be in your heart and you'll feel it all over, but once you feel it you just have to do it.

    • Thank you for the answer! :) Do you have any signs I should be looking for?

    • Every girl is like a snowflake, or fingerprint... they're all different... so signs I can't give you, but opinions I can. And by opinion, I'd say she's given you some already. She apparently likes you as you said from other people, and she seems to be getting close. Watch a movie, put her arm around her and see how she responds as you pull her close to you. Just don't make the error of turning a kiss into sex if she doesn't convey that willingness to you. Take it easy.

    • I meant put your arm around her, btw... lol... it'd be weird if you put her* arm around her >.>

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  • a lot of guys jump in for the kiss right away but the proper way to do it is to increase contact. First take he hand and hold it! From holding hands it's a stone throw away to a kiss

    • Thanks! :) Are there any signs I should be looking out for?

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    • i go on the general vibe, if you are talking about sings like her head leaning at a 45 degree angle then your asking the wrong person, just act confident and if she doesn't respond then keep your cool and banter some more to go for it again later. I wrote a story in my profile "progressing a relationship not degressing it" I think

    • No problem :) thanks anyways