If he only texts, never calls?

I've been talking to this guy for awhile, we are discussing being together...he used to call me a lot and text me everyday. Now he still initiates the texting and talks everyday to me, but he never calls me anymore. I called him on Christmas and he talked to me for an hr...but that was the last time. Since we text all day, I feel weird just calling him out of nowhere while we're texting...things are better than ever with us. Should I be worried that he won't call me?


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  • No, if a guy is taking the time to text you don't need to be concerned about the call. He may like txting because it allows him time to think of the things he wants to say to you, instead of being on the phone and not having time to get his thoughts in order. So don't worry, he likes you, but if you want to talk to him just call him.



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