I need him to actually like me. Ideas?!

So I have been talking to this guy for three months. He is two years older than me. I guess he's a player and does weed and drinks but for some reason I'm attracted to that. Anyways we've hung out a couple times and hooked up. He's very experienced getting girls which is probably why I am so hung up on him. Anyway it started with him talking to me a lot, mainly texting and online. I wasn't even interested in him but then he got me and I found myself thinking about him a lot. He wanted to chill but I always had an excuse, I guess it was really cause I was nervous to hang out with him. But then I started to like him and it felt like he backed off almost, even though I didn't tell him that I did. We went through a couple phases, one where we talked all the time and another where we wouldn't talk for a while (five days or more). THEN I finally decided that I lead him on enough and I hung out with him. We hooked up and it was a lot of fun, then we hung out again like three days later. After we stopped talking for the most part which was weird, and out of no where. After a couple weeks I was convinced that I did something or other wrong when we were chilling. But then he started talking to me asking to hang out and I said no, which has happened three times since then. Each time I've just rejected him but he clearly really wants to. I want him to actually like me, I'm sick of being "just another hook up". How do I do it? Please help. Thank you all! Oh and sorry this was so long.


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  • To be honest... All this guy wants is to "hook up". You even stated he's a player and does drugs and drinks. That alone should answer this question for you.

    How to get him to like you? I guess be a good lay... Since that's all he wants. At least that's the way I see it.

  • well the key is to not be a bitch! why would you just lead a guy on then give him a taste then run away its annoying and hardly any guys will like that. why do you guess he's a player? and maybe hang out with him and yalll will get to like each other, I know that's a crazy idea but...


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