Should I just forget about him?

i met this older guy 3 months ago. I was confused at the time when I met him, cause I've never treid to date anyone so much older than me.

he lives 2 hours away. the only way I know how to find him is to just show up at his church, which doesn't sound like to goood of a plan to me. I already tried to get his number on line, but the numbers were wrong.

i tried my uncle cause they're friends. he kept up coming up with excuses. I think he was blocking cause of the age diffrence.

so I tried sending a card for him to this girl I knew who goes to the same church as him. for her to deliver it. then her whole attitude towards me changed after that if you can imagine her sending rude emails. made me think that she may have liked him too, just never told me. so I wonder if she ever delivered the card to him at all.

so it's three months down the road and dude's still on my mind. all I know is the chemistry was banging and I wish I didn't let the opportunity pass me by, considering what I've been going threw since.

i don't know dudes. I even see him in my dreams.


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  • forget about it! Life; shit happens. Its not worth your time anyways.

  • If it was meant to be then it wouldve happened by now. So forget about the past and start a future

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