Tips on how to be a lady on the first date? What should one talk and not talk about?

How to be the perfect lady on the first date? As in going out for dinner.

What should she talk about?

What shouldn’t she talk about?

How should she dress?

What do guys hate to see in the first date?


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  • I think the most important thing is to try to make the guy comfortable. Try not to ask how much money he makes or ask too much about his job. Guys see that as a red flag that you only like him for his money. Don't ask about his x girlfriend. Don't try to control him a lot of girls do that and its a total turn off. But honestly you don't have to be perfect. Dress in something you feel good in. Dress in something that gives you confidence. To be honest guys are much less critical on clothes then girls. As long as you feel good and dobt look like you didn't put any effort in then you will be ok. One of those dresses that has the straps over the sholders and turns into a mini or even not so mini skirt looks great. But a girl wearing a pull over shirt if it has some style to it is fine also. I've never heard a guy say I can't date that girl cause of her shirt. Lol. But most girls don't dress bad enough for it to be a factor. Let the guy be himself. One of the biggest turn off for guys is when a women tries to change who he is. If he is being a jerk let him know. But don't try to change his personality as a whole. Tell him about yourself. Tell the guy what makes you happy cause even if we don't like it we may do it for you later on. Part of what is cool in a relationship is making the other person happy. So if you like walks in the park tell him. If you like campfires tell him or my favorite roasting marshmellos. I am an ex football player but if I could find a girl to roast marsh,ellows with over a campfire I think that would be my dream come true. Most guys won't be critical of you if you don't try to control them. And since your asking these questions I think you must be a caring person because an uncaring person would not ask what a guy likes or doesn't. Can you let me know if you liked my advice? Thank you


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  • A guy can only tell you what he thinks for himself. Not all guys are the same. The biggest thing I can say: If he's out with you, He likes you. Be yourself.

    I hate to see a woman that acts or dresses like she's a man. Wear a dress or a skirt (not too short), be feminine. Wear a little makeup if you want, but not too much. [When he kisses you (if things go that way) he doesn't want to taste your makeup.] Furthermore, he really does want to see YOU, not something fake. Guys hate a girl that's fake, so be real.

    Avoid deep politics unless you both believe similar things (of course then it might be good). The things you WANT to ask are things to establish if he's likeable, stuff like that. he wants to know if you're compatible with him, just as much as you want to know.

    What not to do: don't suggest things you won't deliver on (like sex). Suggestion isn't only in what you say, but in what you wear, how you sit, where you sit (next to him, across from him, whatever). there isn't one "right thing," just filter and think about what message you're sending and you'll make the good choices for you.

    In short: Be yourself. He likes you, or he wouldn't be out with you. Don't be fake.

    you're welcome.


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  • Be yourself don't bee too goofy. to slutty.

    It depends on where your going dreessss for the occacion. NIce shirt and jeans and the right shoes.

    ask them how there doing.

    talk about something interesting not just about you

    ask questions.