What are the questions most girls WANT to be asked during a first date with someone they think they like?

Are there specific questions women (not girls) want to be asked when on a first or second date? If so what are they? this would probably be a kind of question lots of people could comment on.hint hint, please comment.


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  • Don't get too personal on the first date. Keep it lite and not too serious.

    "What is #1 on your top 25 most played on your pod?"

    "What are the little things that make you happy?" I like red roses, new socks, and garden gnomes. This question is positive and doesn't get too personal. It can also tell you allot about a person. It always puts me in a good mood when I let go stresses and think about what little things really make me smile. Think about it. What is the simplest thing that makes you happy?

    The second date you can get more personal like, "How many siblings do you have?" "Which one do you like the most?" lol. You get the idea.


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  • what types of guys she looks for?(only if ur sure she's into you)

    hobbies? what she likes to do in her free time?

    anything that shows ur interested in her and not just some ass.

    play up her accomplishments.


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