How often to text a girl you like

I like this girl that goes to a different college. over break we hung out a bit and pretty sure she is into me. she has a lot of guy friends but when we hung out she was making more eye contact and felt she was into me with the others around. I always have to text her first, but she responds. Now that she is back at college I won't see her for a couple months. How often should I text her? I don't want to annoy her because I always text first, but I want her to keep thinkng about me at until we see each other, and eventually ask her out. Because she doesn't talk to me first is it just a sign she just wants to be friends?

age is 20 not 25-29


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  • It depends, some girls like it when the guy texts first regardless if they like them or not. I would suggest texting her and making it known that you're interested. Then pull back some and wait a couple of days to text her. Play hard to get with her unless she makes it known that she shares the same interest in you. You don't want to constantly text her because that usually will make the person feel like you're trying to hard and may get annoyed by it. Just play it cool and keep your distance.


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  • Every few days, don't be too available. I also recommend calling instead of texting