Question for girls : Your texting/calling etiquette?

Long story short, someone I know and me get along really well...she's given me plenty of reasons to think she likes me, like getting nervous and playful around me. She lets me get close sometimes, doesn't move when we brush up against each other, etc etc. And I'm sure I've been somewhat clear that I like her back, with my blatant playful teasing and banter, looking in her eyes, etc etc.

Well we got each others' numbers a bit ago, and I sent her a text yesterday, where we had a brief conversation ( I was with people and a bit busy). She seemed happy to respond, plenty of "lol" and " :) " .

Basically my question is directed to the ladies : How are you typically when it comes to texting and talking on the phone? If it's someone you really like would you wait for them to call/text you or if the guy has already texted you first would you from then on be willing to start a conversation? It undoubtedly depends on the type of girl. It's hard to get a read on her because she seems confident enough to tease me and touch me but she can't keep eye contact with me for too long, for example. So I don't know if I should be the more assertive one in talking on the phone or texting, or if I should let her call/text me eventually.


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  • i think most girls like it if the guy would start that sort of thing. every so often you can end a conversation with "text me later" or "call me!" but if she doesn't respond don't feel offended, she probably forgot or thought that was just your way of closing the conversation. if you're just itching to get a text from her, chances are she wants you to text her as well, so just start it up instead of both of you being disapointed

  • She'll probably text you when she feels comfortable around you. She seems nervous right now and maybe she doesn't want to say the wrong thing or she just doesn't know what to say! Give her some time and in the meanwhile, continue to pursue her. =)


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