Kissing is boring to me, do you have any kissing advice to make it exciting?

My first kiss went a little like this..

even though I liked the guy when we kissed it doesn't seem to have the "spark" I hoped it would. It was kinda boring. Even as we were kissing I was pretty calm and it wasn't as fun and exciting as I though it would. Is there something I did wrong? How can I make it better? Any tips or advice?


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  • There were times I didn't feel a spark with a guy until I kissed him the third time. You should take lead in the kiss and teach him how you liked to be kissed.

    • well.. its kinda hard when I've only kissed twice. third time the charm?

      I kinda froze on the spot so he took the lead (luckily for me). even though I thought I was courageous, although I lacked all my courage when we asked me that he wantd to kiss me. although happy and expected this to happen... I was like a deer in headlights. slowly I'll learn how to take the lead.

    • Once you start kissing more you'll feel more comfortable and eventually will be able to take the lead. What you are feeling is completely natural and you're not the only one who freezes up.

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