Need advice on texting a girl!

So I met a girl at a club and we hit it off pretty well, I got her number and texted her for a couple days after that... just casual talk, getting to know each other. about 3 days after I met her I asked her if she would like to grab a drink sometime this week. she said she would have to check her schedule and that she was interested and but just shy. the next day I texted her back asking again but I didn't get a reply and now 2 days later I still haven't gotten one, should I try again or does this just seem desperate? does it just mean she isn't interested?

I never thought of that, ill give it a shot


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  • she wants you to call and ask her out not over text try it

    • i never thought of that, ill give it a shot

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    • fair enough, I wouldn't really say I'm asking her out though, I just want to meet up for coffee or something casual, keep in mind I barely know this girl

    • so girls still love phone calls

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  • if your going to text her bak wait a couple days so you don't seem desperate... remember there is a difference between desperate and determined..good luck :)

    • haha true that, thanks

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  • man..just don't do anything and chill out..she'll contact you by herself. Just wait...1 or 2 week isn't that much to get something.

    • I don't know dude, I met her at a club those kind of things die fast, I think 2 weeks is a pretty long time to wait. If we start talking more I would put off asking her out for a while, but I just run out of stuff to say to someone I've only ever seen once. also I'm not really asking her on a date... just coffee it shouldn't be a big deal

    • yeah..that's it okay...what my point is that you should wait for her reply. I mean don't just send her messages by yourself. If you don't get any reply then just wait. If you want a girl, a little bit attitude is good. I can understand if she won't reply on like general messages i.e. jokes, thoughts. But she should reply your message if you ask her something. You can ask her out when you guys meet but don't do it on sms.

      take care

    • for sure man, thanks for the advice