What's the hottest way to be kissed?

Tell me your stories, what you like what you don't like! Nothing's off limits!


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  • It changes depending on the situation.

    I personally love french kissing. But my girlfriend will only french with me in the "right" moment's so I have learned to enjoy lip locking a lot as well.

    (Nothing funner than trying to kiss on every escalator in the city.)

    ...Actually... quite a lot of funner sh*t...

    • You've obviously got a pretty demanding girlfriend. But I agree, french kissing is nice.

      (And there really aren't that many escalators in MC)

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    • Awesome! I'm from there too! :D

    • So *that's* the famous "Take_A_Guess" I keep hearing about? Hey, nice to meet you! I've heard quite a bit from Andyb0y about you :P He was convinced that you're me XD Sorry if he stalked you a bit...

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  • I love when the guy kind of hold my face while we are making out and he then runs his fingers threw my hair and then grabs my @$$

  • Being kissed on my neck while being fingered.