Why did she text me?

So this girl that I liked from work a few months ago randomly text me it said "Hello :)" back when I worked with her since then she quit I was under the impression she liked me(inviting me to her house, calling me. asking me out to the movies etc) then I found out she only liked me has a friend. Then one day I found out she was dating this guy that I also worked with that she claimed she hated. This pissed me off so I deleted her # and never called again that was like 2 months ago last time I saw or talked to her and earlier she sent that text at 730 didn't realize that I got it. Didn't know who it was at first since I didn't have the number was programed had just had a feeling it was her so I asked a friend and they said it was so what does she want? I know she's going through a rough time her parents just got a divorce and her mom can't afford their farm without their dad so now they have to sell it. I know she's going through a lot should I mention it or wait till she says something sorry I'm not good at these question things and seem to babble on and on sorry that's it thanks for any advice you guys can give me

Yea first of all yes I deleted her number, but she had mine its not like I was ignoring her calls. She just didn't call and when I did call her she wouldn't anwser. I would leave a message and she wouldn't get back to me sometimes. So I just said whatever
shes just to busy if she wanted to talk she can always call. She never did though, and I never told her I was mad at her
so I text her back saying hi. I then asked her why she text me but in a nice way though and she said "you should know I'm a random person I just wanted to see how you were doing." so I told her I was great and told her I was going to sleep. I also told
her if she wanted to hang out or something to let me know. she said "ok :)" I figured I wouldn't hear from her again Then she text me today saying hi I said hi and ask her how she was and she said ok I guess Ill call you when O get out of work is that
ok? I told her yea now I'm waiting for her call she's really confusing the crap out of me


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  • Wait. Why the hell would she need to apologize to you? So she disliked the guy she was dating, why is that a big deal? And even if she had lied to you, does that suddenly mean you shouldn't be nice to her? If she's really going through what you said she is, how can you just stand by and not be there for her, especially if you said you liked her.

    And besides, you don't even know why she texted. Maybe she really is interested in you, maybe she wants to talk about what happened, you don't know because you never found out. You don't even know the reason for her possibly lying to you about the guy at work. Basically, you've immaturely jumped the gun, especially with deleting her number and whatnot. I mean seriously, how immature is that?

    If you really cared, then show it, because it seems like you definitely enjoyed this girls company also.


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  • Your not babbling.

    You said it.

    She wants friendship.

    Unless you told her to leave you alone, she probably still considers you a friend.

    So she doesn't think anything is wrong with texting you.

    She probably hated that guy because they were probably upset with each other.

    So if its friendship she wants, but its not what you want, then you need to explain that to her.

    Because it seems as though you had some feelings involved, because it seems like you took it personally.

    "You can only be offended if you expect something"

    Don't go into communication with her expecting anything from it.

    That way you will come out on top.

    Good Luck Man


    A Loving Black Man

    • I agree. He hasn't even made clear to her what HE wanted from the relationship. Good call.

  • Well I don't know what has happened, but in my opinon, don't fall into anything.

    Try to remember what happened last time.

    You know you like her. I know you like her, and that's fine.

    But remember she is RANDOM, and that's not good.

    She'll take you on a emotional roller-coaster.

    She doesn't know what she wants.

    Even if you do care, act slightly as if you don't.


    She wants you.

    Just hang back and let it happen.

    Good Luck!


    A Loving Black Man