Communication - is it really that difficult?

Here is the scenario. If you were seeing someone and have been dating for awhile and that person would go to another country for sometime ie: vacation etc... would you expect that person to make contact with you despite being in another country and international toll rates etc. How about if you would make the contact to reach out to them and never hear nothing back. I need some tips on this and what would be the right thing here. If I initiate contact with voice mail and never hear nothing back should I be concerned.


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  • Well, in international matters, it is pretty expensive to call outside the country. You may try to contact her through internet. And it's a different case that you're not getting any replies from her. It's just may be she's too busy spending time with her family and friends and she'd get right back at you when she comes back home.

    • This is what I have been thinking all along . Thanks

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    • Shit man! I also think the same. Don't worry, everything will be alright. Shit happens. Just talk to her and clear everything.

    • She was supposed to be in mexico but yet is checking her plenty of fish and match profiles. I just don't get it anymore. I suppose no more Mr. nice guy outta me. My birthday was a few days ago and she never even bothered to contact me but yet checks the dating sites, check my last question in my profile if I fail I'm done dating I got more info there. Question is last on on my profile says dating profile.

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  • have been dating for awhile: OK I dated my guy for 3 months

    would go to another country for sometime: OK he went to Europe for the next 3 months

    would you expect that person to make contact: oh yea, we write on facebook at least 3-5 times a day, and we skype at least an hour or more a day, and all day on weekends or the days we have off etc.

    how about if you would make contact... and never hear nothing back: well I would think he died, because he promised to write or meet me on skype at a certain time. Then I would call my parents, my friends, and cry that I think he died... which I did this in actual life.. haahahah but he just had a bad night driving from germany to italy with a lot of snow and got back super mega late, I stayed up all night waiting for him on skype.

    if you initiate and ... hear nothing back should you be concerned? yeah I would be.

    • Its just been about a little over a month keep in mind if you look at my old posts, She has been flaky with me I have been blown off getting together as well as no calls or texts returned but It apart of what I believe is going on , being tested so to speak.I am always concerned but I'm one strong person and what does not kill me makes me stronger just like every other girl I have met.

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  • If they had the means of contacting me while having no extra costs incurred on them, such as free wifi etc, then I would expect them to make some contact. Otherwise, I'm not so clingy that I can't go without a week or two of contact.

    • I would do the same if I was somewhere its shows you at least care and thinking of them but again not being clingy its just be nice to get the thoughtfulness in return. Out of contact time is approx: 3 to 4 weeks.

  • No, here is the Scenario.