How do I succeed on a dating website if I'm not the most attractive?

I'd say I'm a 6 in looks, not counting my body, overall in looks and body It would probably bring me down to a 5 and my looks are getting me nowhere, so what can do I to get more accepts and replies on dating websites if I'm not the most attractive? I know it stems down to looks but I want to know if there are ways to get around that. Hopefully someone can help me here.


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  • if you've got an Australian accent, come to Vancouver. You WILL be swarmed. Who need's dating sites!

    • I know that haha, well I plan to move to america or montreal:P and continue my comedy exploits so watch out haha, and don;t be shy to ask for free tickets cos I'll give you some:D

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  • Listen looks are part of it! But personality always rules! If your funny and smart your good!

  • I've tried online dating sites before and I'll tell you what I looked for

    1. His message

    Don't be a creep about it or too vague, like you send the same message to every girl who registered, but put some thought into it so it sounds like you read what she wrote about herself. It doesn't have to be a long message. Even a question will do.

    2. His picture

    Always use a picture of just yourself. No one else. No pics with friends or children or nieces, etc. Just you and smile. That's important.

    3. What you wrote about yourself

    Show some creativity and sense of humor and intelligence

    When I receive a message, the most important thing is the message itself and his description. I met someone from an online dating site and we're dating now. I'm not going to lie to you, he's not attractive. If I met him in real life at a party or something, I probably wouldn't give him the time of day, but because I got to know him already via emails/IMing, the thing that attracted me to him was his personality, not his appearance

    Hope that helps you


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  • I don't know what site you're on, but as far as women are concerned, OkCupid just released an article about how between two women, the less attractive gal got more messages than the more attractive gal because people would figure competition was lower for the less attractive gal. Now, that's incredibly objectifying, and they're claiming they'll do the same for the male users, but just be yourself, and don't rely on the internet. There're tips everywhere for internet dating, and a truly amazing gal won't decide to message you solely based on looks.

  • Do what everyone else does: lie.

    Who's a movie star secret agent that moonlights as a singer in a rock band? That's you, buddy.

    • THAT is what I want to hear! haha. Good answer. Girls like me, look for humor and sarcasm like yours. Do exactly this. ;)