I regret not giving her a chance?

She liked me so much, used to tell my friends I'm super hot even though I'm just average, hugged me everyday and even asked me what did I want in a girlfriend so she would be like that. She was funny, wanted to know more about my life, rejected some of my most attractive friends but wanted me...

And I, with my fucking pride and ego, fucked up. I didn't give her attention, never showed too much interest even though I liked her, didn't accept to go on a date when she called me for the second time (because first one she was nervous and didn't go), never told I liked her, and the list goes on...

Guys, if you're going through that, rethink your attitude, really. I deeply regret about mine. I don't date many girls because I'm not a social guy and ain't much interested in girls and relationships. But I really regret about letting her go.

Has anyone else been in a situation like this?
I regret not giving her a chance?
I regret not giving her a chance?
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