Will he call me after a breakup if he still loves me? What if he doesn't?

yesterday me and my boyfriend of one year had a heated argument...which ended in him saying "then lets not talk anymore" and me hanging up the phone saying bye. We have been having issues for the past few months. It's going on the third day and no call from him plus he added some cute girl to his facebook. I won't call him...I love him but feel heartbroken and unimportant to him.


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  • What is it with people in relationships? Its like you forgot why you are in a relationship to begin with. If you want to talk to him and resolve things, then call him! Who cares if he added some girls onto his facebook? He's with you. That's what matters right now! Heated arguments are just that. Don't make it bigger than it actually is.

    If you two have been fighting a lot lately then maybe you shouldn't spend so much time together. That's usually why couples fight continually in short amount of times. Do you remember the times when you had your own life, and he had his own? Go back to that. Hang out with your female friends, go shopping, go to the gym. Live your life without him for a few days. That sounds like what he's doing anyway.

    You're lucky to be in a relationship, take advantage of it.

  • Aww I understand how you feel well my advice is to don't call hi at all give him space he's sure doin tht to get you jealous , just wait and do not text him or call , be stroganoff and positive :) xoxo I wish you the best of luck .