Uh....did I miss something?

So there's this girl I've known for about a year and I've been good friends with her. I've never tried to pursue her since I'm on hiatus from serious dating. Recently she's gone through a pretty rough break-up and I've tried to be there for her as a friend and I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it.

In the last couple of weeks she completely shut me out and hasn't wanted to pick up her phone or anything. What's more she told her ex she was going to sleep with me to make him jealous (I was friends with him before her but I'm trying to stay out of it)

The other night me and my friends went drinking and somewhere in there we started drunk dialing and I got this girl to pick up her phone, she'd been drinking too with her rebound at her house and invited us over.

We got there and all of us were really trashed; going directly for the kill I asked her why she had suddenly upped and disappeared. She told me that she was afraid I'd turn into one of her other guy friends since it seemed like most of them had tried to get her in the sack; and that I was the only one who hadn't made a pass.

I laughed it off and said I just wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Immediately after that she said she thought I was really sweet and thought that I liked her a lot but that she'd never sleep with me. Additionally she claimed she only said what she'd said to her ex to make him mad because he'd started dating one of her best friends.

She also said her new "friend" was the only one she trusted not to take advantage of her while she was inebriated.

The night went on and we all got really plastered, I asked her again why she was running away and she started to cry and said she was afraid to be in love again.

I didn't know what to do at that point, so I kinda upped and passed out on the couch. She went and slept with her rebound.

She hasn't talked to me since and I'm confused as to what I missed in this picture, I'm confused as to what she's trying to get at.


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  • Well,good for you for being a good friend.:) It seems like she does respect your friendship. In my opinion,she is probably shutting you out because you are a friend of her ex,and she is grieving which is leading to rebounds..and I think it's probable that she doesn't want any info getting back to him...UNLESS she really wants info to get back to him. Maybe she doesn't want you to see this vulnerable side of her...I mean she did reveal a lot to you the last time she saw you...maybe she's embarrassed. Either way,for whatever reason,sounds like she needs space to heal. If you guys are really friends,you will reconnect. Good luck! :)


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