Am I just a replacement?

I am beginning to wonder if my boyfriend only started dating me to replace his ex girlfriend. At first he wouldn't tell me anything about past relationships, and now that we have dated for almost 5 months he felt comfortable enough to explain. He told me that his last girlfriend committed suicide two years ago, a few months after they broke up. He also said that I am the first serious relationship he has been able to have since. I am trying to be understanding and support him, but now I have finally seen pictures of her. She and I look like we could be sisters. He sometimes asks if I could dye my hair darker too, like her hair was. I really care about him, but I want to know if it is me he wants, or if it is her. I don't know how to approach the topic with him, or even if I should. Any advice about how to deal with the situation would be greatly appreciated.


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  • let him know how you feel. ask him to love you for you. see what he says.

    also this reminds me of a movie called "my sassy girl" it's a korean movie

    her boyfriend died and so she met a new guy that looked like her deceased boyfriend

    she started making him do stuff that she use to do with her previous boyfriend

    they did fall in love, and it was a happy ending.

    but good luck


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