Why won't she forget about it?

Me and this girl had a "thing" she told everyone we were dating even though we weren't (shows he maturity level) and still believes that we went out for awhile. She just won't let me forget about it and keeps bringing it up anytime we talk in our class we have together.

My real question is why won't she accept the truth? She has a boyfriend now and still refuses to accept the fact that we never dated. Why would she do this?


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  • well, I personally hang out with guys, but I know the mind of an average girl. she obviously was really into you, and you might be the only guy she has had a "thing" that ment something to her. since you seem to still be friends, I say you talk to her straight out. if she is stubborn then you got a problem. >.<

    • Well the only problem with your idea is that I don't like her anymore. I want her to forget about it because she brings it up way too often. It's almost as though she's proud of it.

    • have you tried talking to her straight out?

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