What does a goodbye kiss say?

This guy has been really sweet to me the past six months and recently I've been thinking when I move away for college in four months should I give him a goodbye kiss?

He's more of the rebellious ghetto type but even though I rejected him when he told me he liked me and I said I just wanted friendship he's still been sweet trying to buy me things and treats me like a princess.

If I had any desire to in the moment I was tinking of giving him a goodbye/thanks for everything peck.

What message would this send?

  • Bad idea, it's just playing him
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  • Good idea, he'd understand it was a goodbye/thanks
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  • what message are you trying to send to him? kissing him on the cheek might show that you appreciate what he has done, but so does a nice letter

    • A letter is a little too personal and a kiss on the cheek seems really formal/brotherly.

      I was thinking of just a peck if I did anything at all because he's already told me he had a "thing" for me and that I always make him smile and he was fine with just being friends but he still acts the same trying to get me kind of thing so I was thinking of he does that by the time I leave, and I kissed him id hope to send a "Thanks for being so sweet to me it was nice to know you" message