How to give him a hint

I kinda like this guy, and he acts like he likes me a lot. I am really shy about dating.

If he asked me out I would say yes or give him my cell #.

How can I hint to him that he should ask?

any other advice for me?


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  • The next time you run into him - and don't make a big deal about it - just give him your cell #, and simply say something like, "I just wanted you to have this".

    Make it seem spontaneous... at the end of your conversation, pull out a pen and a little note pad and write your number down for him.

    Then, just say "talk to you soon", smile and walk away. Make sure you give him a big smile. He'll get the picture, unless he's a complete dope.

    Remember, don't ask, just do it. Most men love women who are confident.


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  • Just say hi to him whenever you see him, and give him a smile. You don't have to say anything other than that. If he likes you, he'll eventually make a move.

    • I talk to him all the time, he even told me he liked me before, that he thought I was cute, and that he wouldn't mind being married to me... all in appropriate conversations.

      I just don't know how long I should wait. should I ask him out?

    • It's tricky to say if you should ask him out, since he might not be looking for a relationship right NOW.

      A strategy that works with a lot of guys, is trying to be his friend. This will allow you two to be close and then you can try getting him to like you more, to the point where he might feel like being your boyfriend. Guys don't friendzone girls unless they never liked them in the first place.

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  • Make small talk with him... Maybe if it leads to interests, you can have a really good conversation and you can be like, "hey you should give me your number, and we can hang out sometime"