To all you Asian guys out there, would you date an African American girl?

-First and foremost, I do not discriminate against any race, and will date any guy, as long as I like him and he has a great personality. I like something about all races and find that I am open to dating anyone from any culture. I just refer to Asian guys first, since they're my taste in men right now.-

For a while now, ever since I discoverd more about Asian culture, entertainment, and languages (from Japan, Korea, and China), and etc, I've begun to really become attracted to Asian men. Not to say that I expect all Asian men to be like the ones in pop or rock groups. lol (not very realistic)

I guess I'm just very attracted to Asian guys! And many of my friends and relatives think I'm a bit weird, since I'm an African American girl. But deep down, I know it doesn't matter.

I was just curious though. How many of you Asian guys would date and have a relationship with a Black girl? I know that these types of couples are hardly seen, but is it something you would consider and be okay with? Honest answers please! :D And I mean, like, any Black girl. Not just the "stereotypical" Black girl.

And how likely is it that an Asian guy would be open to dating me?


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  • dating, yes...marriage, probably not*

    between an Asian guy and a Nubian girl, the girl tends to be a bit more strong-minded and willed*

    in America, your chances are better, but still you are right in that they are rare

    Outside America, it's even more rare, except maybe in Europe, which is probably more open, but still a small % compared to the US or Canada

    your attraction to Asians might just be a phase for now...there's something you will have to discover about that may turn you off in the end

  • hai, are you living in japan?


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