Why he doesn't call when he says he will?

I met up with a guy that I hadn't seen in about 5 years, He came over and ended up spending the night. Then I THought I would never hears from him again but he text me two days later. We have been texting back and fourth since. We were suppose to go out then he called and said he was working late and couldn't make it asked me if I could do a movie Saturday I said no but sunday... he said he would call and never did. What do I do ...is he into me?


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  • just don't call hem and next time you see hem if he tries to get some don't give hem nothing because if you call him that will make it seem that your on his nuts and hell feel important if he sais oh my bad I couldn't call you just pretend like you don't care just tell him oh its all good its not like your my man trust me he will be on your ass for the next couple of months just play hard to get not too hard but play hard to get and if he stops talking to you he just wanted some ass!