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21 and I Can't Find a Man?

I know what you're thinking - I'm still young.

But I've always seen myself getting married quite young, and I really want to have children by 25. I graduate with my degree this year so my career should be set, and I feel like the timing is right.

Over the past year I've 'dated'/'talked' to a few guys here and there, and they were really nice guys who made it clear that they wanted to take the next step. The only problem is I either wasn't feeling it, or they didn't have ambitions (and I'm sorry to sound superficial but to me, it's a really big deal).

I don't know what to do, could someone please give me some advice?
I feel lonely sometimes and I really want to be in a relationship; I haven't been in one since I was 18.
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Also all my friends from high school are engaged by now I feel so shit :( LOL
21 and I Can't Find a Man?
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