Texting what if... what do would you think?


1)Does the amount of time you stay texting a girl have anything to do with how much you like her,( for example staying up all night texting) .

2)What would you think if a girl surprisingly remembered a detail about you, from one of the first conversations you ever had with her?

3)If you liked a girl would you text them first no matter what?


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  • 1)Yeah, I'd never talk late with a girl I wasn't somewhat interested, unless I was up for another reason.

    2) I'd remember small details, so I'd just expect that she would too.

    3) No, it's about half and half. I'll frequently wait for a girl to text me. Not only does that somewhat confirm that a girl digs you, but it also means that they actually want to talk to you. Otherwise, you're running the risk of being irritating.

    • I agree with this.

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    • The same thing is happening to me with this guy. He gave me his number and said 'text me' . When we message each other, we talk for a long time and he always replies back. But for some reason, he just never messages me first! I always have to. This made me think he wasn't interested, because I always had to start the conversation first. But he replies back to my messages every time so he must be interested. If he wasn't interested, he'd ignore me right?

    • Maybe not ignore you, but probably stop responding after a while. That's what I'd wind up doing, at least.

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  • I would not stay up all night texting a girl if I didn't like her. If she remembered something from way back, I'd be really surprised and happy about that. I don't really like the idea of, "Who texts first". I feel someone should text regardless, not who did it first.

  • 1.) yes, I stayed up texting a girl till 3am before finals.

    2.) Not at all, first convo is first impression and details

    3.) Unless they had already texted me but yes, I usually text a new number at the end of the night and if it goes well a good morning the day after.

  • Why do people stay up all night texting? Wouldn't it be easier to just call?


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