What should I do about her?

I met this girl and her friend in my class about a month ago when it started. We hit it off pretty well, I'll joke around with both of them and they'll make fun of me aswell, will all help each other out in class. So I found out about 2 weeks back that she had a boyfriend no biggie right I just thought alright well I'll just be friends with her and continue with how things are goin. Well since we sit close to each other I over heard her conversation with her friend and found out that she recently broke up with her Boyfriend about 4 days ago. So today in class we sat next to each other you know chatted and messed around. After class she asked what I do for fun and she wanted my phone number. I gave it to her and then she introduced me to some other friends of hers and we talked for another 5 min after class about what she is doin this weekend which really came out to nothing. I guess my question is if she got out of something so soon should I ask her what she is up to this weekend or just kind of give her space. I mean I know from experience with breakups that after the break up I'm not looking to get involved with nyone too soon. I guess I know what the answer to this is basically hang out probably and just take things as they come. Any advice to this would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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  • Yeah you're right that usually right after getting out of a relationship people aren't in a hurry to jump right back into one. But I don't think it's pure coincidence that she was super flirty/asked for your number soon after splitting up with her bf. So I think it would be perfectly acceptable to ask her to chill this weekend. I guess the question is, do you want to? Because it sounds to me like she's at least somewhat interested in you and I'm sure she'd enjoy hanging with you. And for right now you can just sort of treat it as two friends hanging out and getting to know each other rather than a 'date' or something like that.

    • Yea I guess, I mean it wouldn't be bad to just give her a call and since I know some of her friends I could probably get a friend of mine to just go out and chill with them. Keep it simple find out more about who she is. Thanks though

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    • Wow "Sounds like you know what ur doin" haha thanks u've helped me fig out a lot you know ur stuff.

    • Hahaha =). Yeah no prob!

      It's just cause I'm a girl.. lol. But yeah good luck!

  • Well my guess is that for now she just want's to be single. But my advice would be to "test the waters". Just kinda leave hints here and there that you like her or that you want to hang out with her. If she's ready and over her ex (for the most part), then go for it! But if she's not ready quite yet, give her time. Why rush?

    • Yea no I def. get what ur saying, no rush I guess I just needed reassurance, so what do you suggest should I give her a call this weekend to get lunch or something or just keep it how it is and just see each other in class. and wait it out for a little bit.

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    • Seems like hints fo sho. Haha. But I don't wanna screw things up for you so...

    • If things get screwed il just blame you Becca ha naw jk we shall see.

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