What do you say after your first kiss with a guy?

I haven't kissed many guys and every time it's a first kiss with a guy I have no idea what to do afterward and it gets kinda awkward... Help?!


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  • just kinda go with the flow really lol :) you can simply smile kind of shyly at him, maybe lean in for another kiss... I know it doesn't help much, but you just have to read the moment :)

  • I guess I got off light, but after my first kiss, we were interrupted (movie style) and he was basically herded out of the room by his friends because it was "time to leave."

    I don't think speech is necessary. If it is, you'll know what to say based on the situation. Don't stress over a kiss. IF you don't worry about it and don't do it until you're ready, your first kiss will be lovely.

    • It's not that I haven't had my first kiss. It's more of what do you say after your dirt time kissing "Brad" as opposed to first time kissin "Chad" kinda thig. But yea. I'll try to improve upon my situation reading skills. : )

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