Are we getting farther apart or is it just me?

I've been best friends with this girl since fifth grade but she seems really distant lately. I went through a depression mode and I starting cutting myself and I didn't talk much which is a 180 for me because I was always happy and really talkative. She figured it out before Christmas break and she was starting to hang out with these other girls. I like some of them. Anyways ever since she found out she's seemed really distant from me and closer to one of these other girls. Is it just me or is she really getting farther away from me?


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  • How old are you!?

    It's something we all go through. I was best friends with a girl in grade two basically up to grade 4.

    But she hit puberty, so she was really girly and I was basically still a tomboy. She started hanging around with people who related to her.

    Not long after, I met a girl who was more like me, and we became best friends. And we still are now, but the thing is. Me and my first friend didn't like each other much till grade 9. Then we became friends again. Because see, then at that point I was interested in the same things as her. I was girly and she was girly. So it all worked out. She's moved on to people who relate more well with her. Don't stress about it tho. There's other people too. Everything happens for a reason right?

    • I'm a sophomore in high school. I think the hardest part is that we live in the same neighborhood and we see each other at church all the time.

    • You know what? Don't worry about it. You'll find someone who relates to you. :]