Waiting... for his call?

I went on a blind date last Friday and we met at a Starbucks for coffee. I found him attractive but did not feel much attraction back from him compared to previous blind dates. When we ended our date, after about 1.5 hours of chatting, we had this awkward hand shake into a hug kind of salutation. There were no follow-up dates discussed in our goodbyes and I figured that if he was really interested, he would call me later this week.

Now I am beginning to believe that he was uninterested because I have not heard back from him. It has been 5 days, what do you think?

How long could a guy wait to call a girl for a second date?

I don't want to come off desperate and call him just to be rejected and I know that just sounds stupid but I am just not sure if I can cope with being rejected by this guy over the phone.

I have not felt this anxious over a date for a long time. Please share some advice.

Still thinking about him.

I got the courage to leave him a message on his voicemail last Friday evening (1 whole week after our date) and left it friendly and a few seconds long. But still no response, (2 days after my message). No more regrets.


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  • Personally, I think that this is going to keep bugging you until you find out for sure what's going on. Do you have his email? You could email or text him if you guys have cell phones and tell him that you had a good time on your date with him and thank him. More than likely, unless he really was totally turned off by you, he will probably email or text you in return. That will be your chance to make conversation with him. At that point, you can ask him out somewhere if you are still interested in him. He may just be feeling nervous as well and fearful of rejection too. However, you will never know unless you try, so I'm suggesting you do it this way because you won't have to worry so much about him rejecting you over the phone, and you can always play it off as a friendly message. At any rate, those are all of my thoughts for now, but I wish you good luck! :)

    • You are absolutely right. And I went ahead and left him a message to give me a call back. At least there are no more questions about whether he is interested or not. The only question left is when and how I get back up to bat again. Thanks!

    • Good for you - You could just ask him if he would like to get together again, and if he says yes, suggest a day and time that you would be available if he would be interested. Good luck again!

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  • it sounds like he wasnt that interested :( I could be wrong but if he hasn't called in 5 days that's a good indication. I would just not worry about it and keep busy and hopefully you'll find what your looking for.

  • Lets start by asking if you are on the rebound. Because if you are it is normal to feel this anxious about the first time back into the dating world. Not to sound rude or not compassionate but I don't think he was that into you. Usually if a guy is interested they will try in some way to make plans for another date or will at least call you in 72 hours (its a secret guy rule and no they will not admit to it). However, things do happen. He could have had an emergency come up or something unexpected. Get in contact with the person that set you up and ask them if they know anything that is going on with him. If all else fails just call him and leave a message. What do you have to lose!

    • Actually, no rebound blues. Just anxious about meeting a great guy and really wanting him to like me back.

      You were right, I did not lose anything in calling him, just the sense of fear. Thanks!