Does he have a right to be mad?

So when my best friend and I were in the talking phase of our relation. I told him I hadn't seen any exes this year and if I do talk it is to lead them on. He was hesitant.
One day he was looking at my phone and saw msgs between me and a friends with benefits.
- He saw we met up a month before and kissed
- He saw we sexted eachother a week before
- He saw we had a convo with one another after I told him we were done
He was really pissed
- I told him I genuinely forgot about meeting the ex
- The sexting wasn't really sexting and I didn't think much
- I didn't think much of our recent convo
I then blocked the friends with benefits for him
- He is also mad cause he found out the friends with benefits is my favorite cousin's cousin/ another ex is my parent's godson/ another one is best friends with my sister. I blocked them all tho.

Does he have a reason to be mad?


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  • Yeah he has every reason to be pissed. If you are heading towards something personal and all your careless behavior... saying you haven't seen anyone in a year when actually making only a month ago.

    He has a lot of reason to not trust you. Quit acting like you can be casual about being reckless with all your interactions and convenient memory loss.

    You need to do ANYTHING he wants to make him trust you again. And no more screwing around and leading your exes on while you are trying to respect this guy.

    Truth be told, people like you don't shape up you just don't give af to stop entertaining yourself with toying with people's emotions.

    • ... It was a genuine mistake. He is more upset cause I cheated on my last ex with this friends with benefits.

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      It is going to take some time for him to trust you again. I know it would if it were me.

      He's blocking girls for you too.

      You have to try dealing with things the way I mentioned earlier.

      And all that bouncing around and cheating is what makes it harder to feel solid in the relationship, even if it happened before, it is still recent. It is reason to have difficulty trusting you, but it isn't a reason to be mad at you for having sex boyfriend you got together. by the way he is upset about that because he had feelings for you and you didn't have enough for him to keep you from having sex with someone else when he couldn't make it.

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      That is true but also this year when we were friends he told me about this crush that he was trying to talk to. Does that compare to my situation? Shouldn't I be upset at that too?

      Also why does he tell me that I can do so much better if he has trust issues with me?

  • I think he has the right to be mad and not trust you but I don't know maybe you could make things right because it's unlikely he would trust you again

    • He lied about his past too tho. He told me that he went to third base with his last girlfriend a year ago. But they had a falling out and she cheated on him.
      Then later he told me he never went to third base with her. It was another girl who forced him into that when he was a minor. And it was a huge drama that almost got the law involved. So he couldn't get himself to tell me and just said he did stuff with his ex.

    • But that's a lot different since he was lying about being forced into doing stuff with someone when he was a minor, it must have been uncomfortable for him to even tell anyone about that, the fact that he did end up telling you meant he trust you

    • He said only his sister knew about it cause she is a lawyer

  • Woah sure he's happy in the friendzone?

    • What do you mean? We have been talking about our feelings and all

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    • No he has no right it's your sex life not his I'd say he wants out the friendzone personally

    • Cause I told him I don't talk to any exes now or this year... And me and him are talking about dating and our feelings

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