I haven‘t seen her in two months, is there a chance she still likes me?

So there is this girl I like quit a bit. During the summer I found that I had feelings for her, but I didn’t believe she could ever like me. I was an idiot, ignoring her when she approached me and looking away from her. For some time she looked at me very angrily and it made me feel miserably.
Then, at one point when I had already left for university, she told me that she likes me quit a bit as well. I hesitated again, then told her I was looking forward to seeing her again. I did want to see her in person though and find out where this could lead.
At first she was quit happy, but later on she seemed annoyed that I took so long to tell her. It‘s been two months now that this happened and I haven‘t seen her since. next week I‘ll go home though and I will inevitably meet her there. I don‘t know if she still likes me or not and I feel like it is just going to be weird.
Keep in mind that I have never been in a relationship and have very low experience with girls in general.

Question as in the title.
Also is there a way to change my age? I am not 42 but 20 actially...


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  • Impossible to say. You will need way more interaction with her to establish anything at this point. When you go back, ask her out for drinks or coffee and take things from there. You will quickly see if she likes you back if she is willing & her behavior on your date.

  • Move on


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