Too friendly or more?

If a guy says you have a nice figure, keeps staring at you for a while and appears out of nowhere to come close to you. Also makes excuse that he can solve themselves for no reason, just to smile and stare.


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  • He likes you more than friends but is shy to tell you. For most women's is a turn of being shy and not taking the actions. A men who likes a girls should be directed, straight forward and precise. Women's likes man who are more man's then they are!

    • Thanks, that what my friends say too. He's in the same work environment as me. That true, I would like a man to be more direct and does not leave me guessing. But I am not sure he's married, he has a ring not on his wedding finger. So I don't want to give him idea if he's married. As in my old job I know that some married men go off with the younger women and it don't stop them if they are married.

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    • Figure it out what's the deal with him and approach the situation based on what information you find about him

    • Yeah I will see how it goes, I am trying to ignore.

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