How Do I Get Him To Call Me More?!!!

I have been talking to this guy for over three months now. The first month and a half he called me everyday and even text messaged me through out the day. The last month and a half he calls me every week to two weeks. It is really starting to upset me because I feel like he does not care about me anymore. He just started a new job and just started school for his Masters degree and he told me that he gets really busy sometimes. When we first started talking he said he wasn't a "phone person" but that he enjoyed talking to me a lot. We haven't had the "are we exclusive" talk yet so I don't want to overstep my boundaries and requesting more talk time but I do want to let him know how I feel. What are some good ways to approach the subject with him without putting him on the defense and letting him know how I feel? Right now I feel like I am wasting my time. Thanks!


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  • ok well my friend was in ur situation . at frst the guy was always initiating contact and calling and texting throughout the day. however after a month it decreased and she had to initiate alot, he also says he's not a phone guy but it really upset my friend to the point where shed cry to him about it. a little dramatic ik lol but anyway he would say it doesn't mean at all that he's not interested.he just said he doesn't understand why a phone call is such a big deal and that he's been really busy which is true.well she told him it wasimportant to her because everything was great when they hung out but when he didn't call her it felt like he didn't even exist. so to make this short, the next couple of days he made more an effort to initiate contact but also admitted he liked when she texted and called him frst sometimes. then things went back to him not calling her everynite again and she was pissed. but ik for a fact he still liked her a lot but the fact they they didn't talk a lot made her start loosing interest in him and they are broken up now. I am not saying this is what's gunna happen but I don't think that just because he hasn't called you he lost interest.he probably is really busy but if its constantly bothering you and you can't be content then find someone who will make time for you. but b4 you do that I think you should wait to see if after his schedule clears up maybe he will contact you more often. =] so if you already brought it up to him and he said he was busy then leave it at that .just find other things to do so ur not always waiting for him to call,occupy yourself go out with the girls! if you didn't mention it to him then do it casually. just say soo I feel like we don't really talk as much anymore I miss it =[ and then see what he says, take it from there. I hope this helps!

    • OMG, thank you soooo much! I am going to bring it up casually this weekend and see what he says. I think that as girls, our automatic response is to think a guy doesn't like us anymore when they don't call and guys think everything is ok. My friend has this same issue with her boyfriend and he has since started to try and make an effort but she said even he slacks off sometimes. LOL.

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  • Ok.and do you ever call him?

    • Yes, I have called him the last two times. I do admit that when he was calling and texting everyday that he was initiating contact.

    • You could talk to him about it. He may just really be busy. I've had times where I have been insanely busy.

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