I’m feeling a lot of negative emotions in my relationship?

So, basically I have had to deal with a few instances of insecurity with my partner. Firstly, a girl from his past who he asked out ended up being my roommate at school. I had a bit of difficulty dealing with this (i don’t want to be around someone my boyfriend liked). But, i have gotten over it (the girl is lesbian, and my boyfriend is past her - the incident happened 2 years ago). However, there is another roommate I have who is also lesbian/bisexual. And my boyfriend and her talk a lot about their majors, because they have similar ones. I made a joke about thehem hitting it off. And he replied with “oh yeah haha. maybe i can convert her”. When he said that, I got really upset and uncomfortable. I already felt there was some connection they had (maybe not Romantic, but they did connect on a certain level). Now, after talking with my roommate, I can’t decipher whether it is my insecurity or intuition that is telling me she has some attraction to him. I asked my boyfriend if he liked her, and he said no. But, I just didn’t feel it was convincing enough.

so, now i am dealing with a lot of negative emotions and insecurity. When my boyfriend made that comment, I got really upset and didn’t talk to him for a good hour or so. I just felt so bad inside.

On his end, he seems to feel things are fine. But me, I feel i am drowning in negative emotions and fear.


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  • Not sure what your question is, but this doesn't seem like a good situation for you. You should leave

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      I don’t know how to handle it. I feel i am just falling out of love. I have been keeping a distance, i feel things are not the same at all.

    • 1d

      So you either effectively communicate with him and work together for a resolution or you leave

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