Is this unhealthy behavior?

I will start of by saying I think I am a decent boyfriend. I work/ full time pre med student/ take care of my family. I don't have much time to see my girlfriend or any of my buds. But I do make sure to check up on my girl every day and make sure she is doing well. Anytime free at all.
So her friend needed help with a course. She asked me and I told her sure. Even tho her friend doesn't like me. It was my day to relax (she didn't know) but I prepped my material to teach her friend in the morning. I arrived there and they both are there. We start talking but my phone rings & I step out to take it. When I come back my girlfriend is quiet. So we begin the lesson & my girlfriend gets up and leaves for a meeting kind of upset.
I taught her friend for 7 hours straight. At the end I texted my girl "Just got done; maybe you can pay me tonight ;)"
She just snapped. She asked "who was that on the phone?" and "why couldn't you take it in front of me?" "what were you talking about" I told her it was my mom and was important. Was I supposed to put it on speaker? I told her I made time to teach her friend and instead of appreciating that she is accusing me of stuff. She told me "well I am busy too and I make time to see you" like it's a competition. I just ignored her. Till later she told me "It's funny how you tell me to communicate with you but when I do you get mad. I bought it up it's not like you have to do it... Goodnight" Like wtf...

I have never given her reasons to doubt me. She has tho. In the begining she lied about meeting a friends with benefits week before we talked. And lied about having a line of contact with him after we talked.
She has made me block a female childhood friend while she has male friends who she snaps a lot.

How do I fix this?


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  • It sounds like she's trying to control you in order to make herself feel better, like maybe she's insecure or even jealous.
    If she's making you block old friends who happen to be girls, but talks to other guys freely, it definitely sounds like a problem you both should discuss in length.
    If it were me, and she didn't agree to work on the issue, I probably wouldn't continue seeing her.


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