Who's right? Can he make everyone happy? Me or Her.--Both? Need opinions?

Long story "short":
Boyfriend and I are together.
Boyfriend cheated with another girl. Girl spreading false rumors that they slept together.
Boyfriend thinks its fine to be friends and talk to the girl again if we go on a break and are exclusive.
Boyfriend doesn't think he should be mean to her in order for her to move on.
Boyfriend says its to make me trust him more even though he deletes their conversations, so I can't see.
I think it's not fine, and that he should just cut off ties with her. Outta our lives for good.

He doesn't think my way is right and I don't think him being nice to her is going to make her want to get over him.
P. S. He doesn't like to hurt anyone and takes into account other people's feelings in our relationship. AKA her feelings too.


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  • He’s playing you,


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