Does he not respect me?

My boyfriend is a really busy guy. He is a pre med student full time/ works/takes care of his family. He texts me everyday and tells me he loves me and how beautiful I am. He tutors me and my friends for hours a week and for free, he doesn't leave me on read. We were best friends for 2 years. And have been dating for 2 months now. But there have been some issues.
- When we go out he wears gym clothes and sometimes I drive.
- When my bday came around he didn't buy me flowers or jewlery. He got me this candle of my favorite soccer player cause he thought it was funny. Then paid for my dinner.
- Whenever we go out he pays but I have paid few times
- He never buys me flowers or random small gifts. While my friends get them from their guys.
- I invite him to meet me family (sometimes last minute) and he is busy to meet them. And says "you have to plan better" He has met my mom and sister when he dropped off a milkshake for me after I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

In the begining of the relation I lied about seeing an ex before he and I talked. And lied about having a line of direct contact with the ex. I blocked the ex for him but my boyfriend still has issues with all that. And brings it up a bunch.

Does his actions show he doesn't respect me?


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  • Every guy is different. Not all of them will shower you with gifts or respond to your messages right away. I think he likes you, and if you're saying he's a pre med student he's really busy. You just have to be familiar with their personalities.


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